Sunday, November 19, 2006

To the grot in seat 8B - you committed several of my pet peeves of air travel. You didn't either wait, or get up to let me in, when I am on the window seat. That means you deal with me and my bag, my backpack and me putting my luggage in the locker. And me climbing over you which isn't gonna be good for either of us because you're tall. But if you don't get up I have no choice!!! Next, get your goshdarn arm off the ENTIRE arm rest. You are in the middle seat and you have no right to BOTH armrests. Lastly - if you snort phlegm back down your throat one more time during this 2 hour flight, I'm gonna glare at you because it's disgusting! It's bad enough watching/hearing you eat dinner like you're going down on it, and hearing you slurp your way through juice. No I lied - if you sit there and make me wait for the remaining 40+ rows get off the plane before you get off, I may just beat you to death with my book. I've been waiting 7 hours to get home and the calming effects of drinking

Sunday, September 10, 2006

This Poem Brought to You By..

This Poem Brought to You By...
Look at that damn ad
Yes, even you can be a writer
It’s the number 1 hobby in America
Be like Steven King
Or that J.K. welfare chick
Cheap entertainment
As a friend of mine once wrote
You get what you pay for
And Baby it’s free

A click here, a click there
Comfort junkies
For one more fix
Retail Therapy
George Bush stole my baby
Locked him up in front of Sponge Bob

Is the glass half full or
Why is the glass there?
Who is pouring the water?
What is in the glass?
Can I have a drink?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The problems always have a solution

.... But that one makes when one does not have of problem or that they are not known.
Personally, when I smell myself well I find then that suspect I seek, I seek.... and I find !!!!
An example : a few moments ago I was with Mika, quiet, and of only one blow, still an existential question ! " That will I make of my Life ? "Mika said to me : " Take a sheet and marks what you like, then you make the sorting. "There is thus a solution with my problem. But I would like so much that the things are immediate !

Compared to my disease, I do not know of it the origin and that frustrates me but if I knew, I could perhaps act above !....

" If there is a problem and that there is a solution do not worry you, if there is no solution nothing is not used for to worry "

Monday, April 10, 2006

- My Men

Of my childhood until my majority, I was " marginalized " either because of an ungrateful physique or because I liked the school, finally I really do not know why....
Arrived to Toulouse for my studies I met my 1er love, Olivier. All occurred well for 4 months then it started drinking and at being aggressive. But I held with him more than with the pupil of my eyes (even after me to have balanced in the staircases of the station) One was to become engaged and it left me.
Then, one of my most important meetings of my life was that of Christophe. Unfortunately at the end of two months it violated me (Hé yes, Messrs, the marital rape exists). I left it. Two weeks later it begged to me to return with him under pretexte than it needed my psychological support for for the death of a friend. And me too good, too bitch, I am gone back there. I trim to nourish us, we lived in 9m². When it found a work it threw me like a bag of shit.
Then I became a devourer. Nobody until one month ago had not dissolved my heart of ice.
Today, I think of having found the soul mate and provided that that lasts !....

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Smokes and me

My friend the bédo went himself from there....

I started to smoke of the cannabis at the 13 years age. I returned of the courses and I was going to trott the dogs with my stick in the pocket. I returned in my room and I flirtais with Bob or Jim Morrison.

One day my father discovered a letter where I explained to a pal which I had some me to burst enough the mug but that I did not manage to take down. He prohibited to me to leave for one month and the 1era thing which I made is to get hasch to me. And I continued.... The more that went, the more I smoked.

Smashes was not rather strong then I began Néocodion but I quickly stopped seeing the effect which it had on one of my close relations (today, obliged to separate itself with Methadone as for heroin), moreover Néocodion not being a drug whom I appreciated I am put at the popers that I quickly stopped because the abuse this substance had caused me 2 syncopes.

Arrived at 24 years, my mother made me make a cure of désintox to the cannabis with her support. I stopped for 3 months.

2 months ago and half, I started again the hasch. - Which relief ! - But 1 of my " friends " balanced me with my mother then monitoring.

Thanks to the support of Mika, for 3 weeks... mais that I have not smoked misses me smashes it !

To be honest, I know that my life will be more serene without all that....
What doesn't go ?

I have all that I need
A man who likes me
A roof, a comfortable bed
What doesn't go ?

Melancholy, soft melancholy
You invaded me, you corrode me
You kill me but with small fire
What doesn't go ?

Madness, delirious madness
I adopted you
I lose the head
I lose foot
What doesn't go ?